System Replacement

HVAC System Replacement

Heating & AC Installation in Huntsville, AL & Beyond

When it comes time to replace your heating or air conditioning unit, turn to the professionals at Annette Hale’s Indoor Comfort Systems, Inc. in Huntsville, AL. We serve customers throughout North Alabama and have the skills to replace all types of residential and commercial HVAC systems. Replacing an old system results in quieter operation, greater efficiency and an overall more comfortable space. We offer a complete range of maintenance services and energy-efficient products that will help to lower your energy bills.

What About Partial Replacements?

While it can result in savings, partially replacing a heating or cooling system can become problematic for homeowners and businesses. Ductwork may be leaky, restrictive or sized wrong for the new component. All other system components should be changed when replacing an entire HVAC unit.

HVAC Sizing

As heating and cooling experts, Indoor Comfort Systems will come to your home or business to determine the exact size and specifications of your current HVAC system. Then, our knowledgeable team will design and calculate a replacement unit that delivers optimum comfort, air distribution and humidity control.

Electric Heat Pumps

Heat pumps allow you to heat your property in the winter and keep it cool in the summer using the same system. By including a heat pump in your heating system, you have the option of electricity-fueled heating and cooling, in addition to gas furnace heat. Electric heat pumps are a popular addition for customers in North Alabama, as the temperatures tend to plummet during the winter.


The greater the efficiency of your HVAC products, the lower your long-term energy costs will be. At Indoor Comfort Systems, we will help you choose the heating and cooling products that are right for you. We are always looking for adjustments that can be made to save you money and enhance the efficiency of your HVAC system. Depending on the amount of improvements that can be made, a smaller heater or AC unit may be installed.

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