How To Make Sure Your HVAC Keeps You Cool This Summer

How To Make Sure Your HVAC Keeps You Cool This Summer

When your HVAC system fails, everyone in the home suffers. Regardless of whether the attic fan isn’t properly ventilating the house or the AC isn’t cooling the home well, it is important that the HVAC system is running smoothly through the summer months to keep everyone cool and comfortable. Keep reading to learn a few tips that will ensure you are kept cool throughout the duration of the summer.

Start the AC Early

Many issues with your HVAC system can be identified and treated during the springtime when the weather is a bit cooler. This affords you the opportunity to get the maintenance and repairs needed before the peak season.

Get a Tune-up

Your HVAC system can be thought of like your vehicle. Similar to your vehicle, your HVAC system requires tune-ups in order to continue running smoothly. A technician can come out and change air filters, lubrication components, check the coils, and detect potential issues before they can become larger problems leading to costly repairs/replacement.

Clean the Unit

It is recommended that a professional clean the HVAC system, but there are steps that you can take to keep it clean on a regular basis. For instance, when grass clippings, dust, twigs, and leaves build up around the unit outside, it can prevent it from cooling efficiently. A soft bristled brush or shop vacuum can remove debris from the exterior unit. The air filter from the indoor unit should be changed at least every three months.

Clear the Condensation

If you notice that there is water pooling by the evaporator coil or air handling unit, then there is likely an issue with the condensation cooling lines. The condensation line can become clogged by mold, mildew, debris, etc., causing the drip pan to run over. Luckily, this is a very easy problem to fix.

Your first step is to turn off the unit’s power. Next, find the drip pan and see if there is water inside. If there is, the clog is likely in the line. Use a wet-dry vacuum or rags to remove the water from the drip pan, and then use warm water and a mild soap to clean any contamination like mold from the area. A wet/dry vacuum can then be used to remove any clogs from the drain line. Clean the lines at the access point and then put everything back together.

Clean the Registers

For your HVAC system to cool your home properly, the registers and vents need to be clear and clean, which means no buildup of dust or debris. You should hire a professional to clean these regularly to ensure adequate air flow throughout the home.

Consider a Replacement

If your current system is not meeting the needs of your household any longer, you may need to think about purchasing a modern and more efficient model. Thankfully, you may not be out as much money as you think because of tax credits and rebates. Plus, newer models are far more energy efficient, allowing you to save on energy costs.

Contact a Professional

More often than not, you will have some warning signs from your HVAC system that it is failing you. It will start to make some weird noises, stop cooling your home adequately, etc. When you start to notice these signs, contact a professional immediately. The earlier you can have these problems fixed, the less costly it will be.

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