What Is the Cause of HVAC Repairs?

What Is the Cause of HVAC Repairs?

What Is the Cause of HVAC Repairs?

What is the cause of the most common HVAC repairs? Thousands of home furnaces are serviced each year by HVAC technicians, and what these technicians see is astonishing.

  • 60 percent of service calls are due to limit switch breaches
  • 30 percent of service calls due to run capacitor problems
  • 10 percent of service calls are due to miscellaneous issues

Most of these common HVAC repairs are preventative. How is that? It’s simple, really; all it takes is good usage habits and necessary maintenance twice per year.

Limit Switch Breaches

The limit switch, which is also known as the safety switch, is a mechanism inside the HVAC system. The primary function of the switch is to shut the furnace off when a dangerous situation is sensed. Generally, the safety switch will flip when air conditioner or furnace overheats. As soon as the switch flips, the furnace won’t turn back on until the system gets reset. This is typically indicative of the need for HVAC repairs.

What is the cause of these repairs? They often result from filthy air filters, as they play an integral role in preventing repairs, protecting parts, improving indoor air quality, and maintaining energy efficiency. Air filters must be changed every three months to continue to be effective. Homeowners are encouraged to ensure they know how to replace air filters so that they are able to avoid HVAC repairs that are caused by the safety switch.

Run Capacitor Problems

Faulty run capacitors are the cause of 30 percent of HVAC repairs. Run capacitors are attached to the system’s blower motor and the batteries are known to fail. Homeowners may help to minimize the chance of repairs for the capacitor by keeping the heating system is clean. Reducing dust, dirt, and other buildup helps to protect the HVAC parts from needing repairs.

Circuit Board

The rest of the HVAC repairs are for miscellaneous problems like troubled circuit boards, stalled blower motors, and extinguished pilot lights. Smaller issues like these do not take that long to repair and occur for numerous reasons. Generally, these repairs occur from old age, normal wear and tear, or technical difficulties.

Avoid 90 Percent of HVAC Repairs

Almost all of HVAC repairs can be avoided with HVAC maintenance. HVAC maintenance can:

  • Fix issues before they worsen
  • Deliver tailored technical care
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Help parts work better and last longer
  • Improve system reliability and performance
  • Elevate indoor air quality

It is recommended for maintenance to be scheduled twice per year to prevent most HVAC repairs. For more information, contact us here at Indoor Comfort Systems, Inc.

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